Facilities in Oxbridge Language Centre

Oxbridge Language Centre offers a wide range of amenities accessible to its’ students

Lecture Theatre

Conducive learning environments are vital for students to progress well. At here, students are provided with lecture theatres that can fit 200 students at a time. Its’ well-constructed theatres are equipped with a range of electronic devices to create an effective and interactive learning environment for our students. The room has the latest projectors and sound systems installed in the room.

Grand Hall

The Grand Hall located at the campus level 4 and can fit over 1500 people at a time. The fully-equipped facility comes with the latest technological aids which include LCD projectors, sound systems, control room and a holding room. It is often used for large gatherings, official programmes and seminars.

Computer Lab

Students at the Oxbridge Language Centre has access to well-designed computer facilities that include the latest PCs and workstations with Internet connection, operating systems and software suites built for learning, assignments and research. These laboratories are also fitted with projectors to showcase videos during lessons.