This programme offers a comprehensive curriculum that incorporates grammar, vocabulary, idioms, speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities. To help prepare you for widely accepted English Language Test as a pathway to University of Cyberjaya & other universities in Malaysia.

Why GE:
• To help you read, and write short paragraphs in simple English and appropriate language.
• To help you read, and write short paragraphs under specific circumstances and ready to participate and communicate effectively in various small group discussions.
• To help you communicate effectively during conversations and presentation on various topics in larger group of people.
• To help you use various reading, writing and communication skills to actively participative in most conversations and use English with growing accuracy and fluency.

Programme Details:

Our aim is to facilitate your future learning and career plans. This is enhanced by our inclusion of the opportunity to take an Internationally recognised exam, Cambridge Linguaskill at the end of our Upper Intermediate course.

You attend a course of 24 hours per week; this is comprised of 16 hours in the classroom and 8 hours of guided self-study. The courses are based around the Life Series coursebooks, published by National Geographic Learning. They are fully comprehensive learning resources and include:

• A practical, competency-based syllabus which helps learners in their development of grammar, vocabulary, functions,
pronunciation and skills through appropriate communicative tasks.
• Real life lessons model and practise everyday functions, preparing learners to use language in the real world.
• National Geographic video on the DVD’s allow teachers to bring lessons to life.
• The carefully designed Critical thinking syllabus challenges learners to understand texts at a deeper level.
• Vocabulary is introduced thematically, with additional emphasis on key words and word building in Word focus and Word
building sections.

Entry Requirement
• A Completion of secondary or high school education, or equivalent.
• Qualifying a pre-entry/placement test carried out by Oxbridge Language Center to determine the entry level from Beginner to Upper – Intermediate.

Jan, April, July, Oct

Learning Methodology
a) Class days : Mondays to Thursdays
b) Duration : Duration: 1 – 12 months
c) Teaching Methodology : Face-to-face (Currently online teaching until further notice)
d) Learning Hours : Guided (4 hours) Unguided (2 hours) = 6 hours per day
e) Programme Design: Modular basis

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon completion of any one module in each level.
• A Certificate of Accomplishment with a pass/fail will be awarded upon completion of all – 3 modules from each course level which then allows them to progress to the next level.
• An official Test Report from Linguaskill (equivalent to IELTS) for English Online Test candidates

Fee Structure


1-Month Programme

3-Month Programme

6-Month Programme

12-Month Programme

Registration Fee

RM 300

RM 300

RM 300

RM 300

Visa Application Fee (EMGS)



N/A RM 2,000
*Subject to change

N/A RM 2,000
*Subject to change

Books (RM 100 per month) RM 100 RM 300 RM 600 RM 1,200
Other Fees (RM 100 per month) RM 100 RM 300 RM 600 RM 1,200
Tuition Fee RM 1,800 RM 6,000 RM 12,000 RM 24,000
Total Payable RM 2,300 RM 6,900 RM 13,500
*Excluding EMGS Fees
RM 26,700
Excluding EMGS Fees
* The above fee is inclusive of free entry/placement test, pick – up from Airport and other examination fees and awards

Included in Fees

5-hour lessons each day, 5 days a week

Quizzes and mini-tests to track your progress

Small Projects or group assignments and homework

One textbook per level